Gabriel Lee began his career as a stock broker in 1989 as a rookie at ScotiaMcLeod Inc. In those early days, there was much turmoil and competition between ScotiaMcLeod broker/advisors and the bankers at Scotia Bank, their parent company. The investment industry in Canada had undergone a radical change after the first major, catastrophic market downturn in 1987…the “Great Crash of 87′”…Little did we know that this was only a harbinger of things to come in the years and decades ahead…

Investment Dealers, brokerage firms, wirehouses, were severely hemorrhaging under the weight of client losses, margin calls and illiquidity…this is when financial regulators stepped in and allowed Canadian Banks to own Investment Dealers…Hence, a predominantly privately owned industry, with long standing Toronto Based players, such as McLeod Young Weir, a powerhouse in the Debt syndication market in Canada, agreed and succumbed to the overtures of The Bank of Nova Scotia…one of the 6 formidable “Chartered Banks” in Canada, working in concert and closely to the other Chartered Banks under the ever watchful eye of The Bank of Canada.

Fast forward to when our intrepid rookie broker, one Gabriel Lee began his career, freshly out of the University of Albert, armed with a Bachelor of Commerce degree…in 1989, the bankers and brokers had not exactly made nice with one another yet…they were still competing to take clients and assets away from one another, after all, old habits die hard…

Not fully understanding or concerned about the political strife between the two firms, Gabe began to forge a relationship with local Scotia Bankers…this led to friendships, relationships and referrals which continue to this day.

Through his success at ScotiaMcLeod, culminating in Mr. Lee becoming one of the highest producers in the firm (top 30 out of almost 1,500 advisors), and earning the distinction of Chairman’s council producer, Gabe was promoted to the position of Director of ScotiaMcLeod.  During his tenure at ScotiaMcLeod, Gabriel taught courses on Discretionary Asset Management to ScotiaMcLeod advisors across Canada, from  Halifax to Whiterock BC.  He Chaired the Retail Advisory Council which liaised between ScotiMcLeod senior management, Scotia Bank Senior management and ScotiaMcLeod advisors.

In 2004, Gabriel was courted by Richardson Partners Financial, which later became Richardson GMP and was offered a position as First Vice President and equity owner of the firm. Until the merger between Richardson Partners Financial and GMP Capital, Gabriel held the second largest equity position of any advisors at Richardson Partners, a fact that would come back to haunt him post merger, without the support of those that he virtually started and built the firm with.  At the time Gabriel left Richardson GMP in 2011, he remained one of the largest advisor shareholders in the firm.

Currently, Gabriel Lee Edmonton is the CEO and President of Noteworthy SEO, a Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firm dedicated to helping entrepreneurs reach their target audience via becoming more visible on Google ranking higher on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Here is what some of his clients have recently said about him:




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